Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoBid?

GoBid is an auction company that specialises in the sale of cars, directly to you. Our team are some of the industry’s best, with decades of experience.

Anyone can buy cars from us; dealers, and private individuals. We source our cars from the private market, fleet companies and short-term insurers.

What does GoBid sell?

We love cars so much, we sell all kinds, passenger cars, bakkies, commercials...fixed ones, broken ones; from Pretoria to Cape Town and all over our beloved South Africa.

Do you have branches?

Yes, GoBid has a national network of branches. Check out our branches on our Contact Us page.

What is the benefit of buying a used vehicle with GoBid?

GoBid sells cars on auction, which means you can get a great bargain and save thousands!
We’re passionate about our country, and our customers who live in it. We’re making things as easy as possible to own your next vehicle:

  • Simple sign-up and auction registration processes.
  • Two factor authentication if you want more account security.
  • Two awesome sales channels, Online Auctions (get your trigger finger ready) and Timed Auctions (for the more conservative buyer).
  • Search by price band, yes… search on our auction estimates to see what you can afford. Cool right?
  • Vehicle photos which show their best and worst sides, we’re keeping it real, so you can see what you’re buying.
  • Free email subscriptions which will let you know first when we get cars.
  • We’ll do your change of ownership, and send registration documents to you.
  • Online payment gateways to make paying easy.
  • Super fast refunds if you don’t buy anything.

Our awesome team is always ready to deliver the best service we can to you, and we love your feedback. Why not chat to us on the messenger icon on our page, we’re ready to help you.

How do I buy an accident vehicle at GoBid and fix it?

Accident cars sell for low prices, and once repaired, you can save big!

Did you know, if you buy a new vehicle from a manufacturer, and are the first owner, you own a used vehicle (Code 2)? So owning a repaired Code 2 vehicle, is the same as owning a used vehicle from a manufacturer.

Find a repairer in your area who can help you with repair estimates, and deduct that cost from what you are willing to pay for the vehicle. Also keep in mind you will need to tow the vehicle from us to your chosen repairer.

What is bidding?

Bidding is an auction term where buyers accept the price being asked for by an auctioneer. To do this on our site, press the GoBid button when you accept the price being shown. Then you will have placed your bid.

How does an Online Auction work?

An Online Auction is a sale of many cars, as individual items sold in lot or numerical order, where bidders can bid for many lots on the same day, regulated by an Auctioneer.

These exciting auctions are free to watch if you are a first-time buyer. Cars are sold about one a minute, and you can easily see what the prices they sell for…prepare to be shocked, they are cheaper than you think!

If you want to buy a vehicle, you’ll need to Register for the auction, then get your trigger finger ready. It’s a great way to find amazing deals.

How does a Timed Auction work?

Timed Auctions are the sale of an individual vehicle over a few days where bidders can bid against one another without the intervention of an Auctioneer. Timed Auctions may extend automatically as they are about to expire, based on recent bidding activity to allow all bidders a fair opportunity to bid.

Do you have any auction tips?

  • Don’t bid on multiple cars unless you are going to pay for all of them.
  • Calculate what bid price you can afford by deducting our fees from your budget, so you don’t overspend.
  • Think about other costs you might have like road worthy’s and towing if applicable

How do I Register on auction?

To be able to bid on any auction, you need to Sign Up, complete your Registration Status. Public and Trade welcome.

  1. Go to www.gobid.co.za and Sign Up
  2. Click on the confirmation email to confirm your account
  3. Under the Red Hammer, update the required details
  4. Pay your R5000 deposit. GoBid is registered at FNB, or you can sms our banking details to yourself by clicking 'SMS Banking Details' under My Profile > Deposit. Please email proof of payment to pop@gobid.co.za.
Your deposit is fully refundable if you don't buy anything. If you buy, its used as payment towards your purchase. All purchases must be paid within 24 hours after the auction.

Viewing is free, you do not have to register or pay a deposit to view cars at our branch.

How do I pay for a vehicle?

Full payment must be made within 24 hours of a Sales Order being sent to you. You can get our banking details under My Profile > Sales Orders. Please email proof of payment to pop@gobid.co.za and make sure you have uploaded a copy of your ID (SA Citizens) or Traffic Register and Passport (Foreign Nationals) to your profile.

Vehicles will not be dispatched unless funds have cleared our account. You now have 48 hours to fetch your vehicle from GoBid, or storage may be charged.

How do I get my registration documents?

If you purchase a Code 2 vehicle, we will do the change of ownership for you and courier the registration documents to the address on your Invoice within 7 days of releasing the vehicle. If you purchase a Code 3, you must first fix the vehicle and do a clearance and roadworthy, submit these documents to us, and then we will do the change of ownership for you.

Change of ownership must be completed before we will give any original registration papers to a buyer. Your change of ownership is included in your Document Handling Fee. The cost of Licensing, number plates, road worthy and clearances are for your account. Copies of your registration documents can be given to you on request.

How do I get a refund?

If you have not bought anything on auction, you can get a super fast refund by requesting a refund under your profile online. Be sure to update your documents, so there are no delays.

What are your fees?

Your bid is not the final price. We charge additional sales fees (Buyers Premium, Doc Handling Fee and VAT). Please see our latest Terms and Conditions for our fees.

What are Codes?

A used vehicle can be in a fixed, or damaged state. Did you know, if you buy a new vehicle from a manufacturer, and are the first owner, you own a used vehicle (Code 2)?

All cars in South Africa have a vehicle code, which is aligned to the description on your registration paper at Licensing:

  • Code 2 ‘Used Vehicle’.
  • Code 3 ‘Rebuilt Vehicle’.
  • Code 3A ‘Scrapped Vehicle’. Can only be bought by approved wreck dealers for stripping.
  • Code 4 ‘Permanently demolished’. These may not be purchased by any member of the public.

Where do I find your Terms and Conditions?

Our full set of Terms and Conditions can be found on our site.

How do I sell my vehicle?

We buy all cars for cash, used cars including cars older than 10 years and accident damaged cars. We take the hassle out of selling your vehicle, simply click on Sell and agent will be in contact with you to make you an offer. If you accept, we will send someone to fetch the vehicle, and payment will be made immediately to you in cash.