Bid Today, drive tomorrow

GoBid is an exciting new auction company that specialises in vehicles. In fact, we love them so much, we sell all kinds. Cars, bakkies, bikes, commercials, fixed ones, broken ones; from Pretoria to Cape Town, and all over our beloved South Africa. We are committed to selling vehicles for every budget.

We’re passionate about our country, and our customers who live in it. We’re making things as easy as possible to own your next vehicle:

  • Simple sign-up and auction registration processes
  • Two factor authentication if you want more account security
  • Two awesome sales channels, Online Auctions (get your trigger finger ready) and Timed Auctions (for the more conservative buyer)
  • Search by price band, yes… search on our auction estimates to see what you can afford. Cool right?
  • Vehicle photos which show their best and worst sides, we’re keeping it real, so you can see what you’re buying
  • Free email subscriptions which will let you know first when we get vehicles
  • We’ll do your change of ownership, and send registration documents to you
  • Online payment gateways to make paying easy
  • Super fast refunds if you don’t buy anything

Our awesome team is always ready to deliver the best service we can to you, and we love your feedback. Why not chat to us on the messenger icon on our page, we’re ready to help you.